Defense of Contract

This is the end of our project. Cody and I both worked very hard on the website during the whole semester. Looking back over our contract and comparing it to what we have on our site, I think we exceeded what we expected to do. We completed almost everything on our contract, added some things, and changed some others. We did not do it in the time line we had set. The important thing is that we completed what we needed to and did so in a way that we are proud of. 

One of the changes we made was the adding of an acknowledgements page. We were originally going to do a bibliography page, but after looking at all the sources we had used for the website, we decided it would take too much time that could be spent on more important things in the project. Plus, the acknowledgements page was a good way for us to thank all the people who have helped us on our project.

Our interviews had a deadline, but the interview with Mrs. Kristen happened after that deadline. We were prepared for her interview before the deadline, and since we had completed some of the other pages on the website early, we had time to spare. The things that we thought we would need more time on did not take up the amount of time we thought, and we ended up finishing them early. The demographics page I finished before our deadline for it. I edited it as time when on, but it was done. One of the first pages we were supposed to have done was the Home page, but we ended up doing that one last, which I think worked out for the best. It’s hard to make a home page when you’re still altering your ideas and changing things around!

Due to the lack of information about the case and the people involved, we ended up not making an infographic for that information, but instead listed it in a separate tab. All of the other stayed the same, but we probably added one or two subtabs to help break up the information. After completing the website it is hard to look back at it as incomplete tabs and links.

There were some weeks when we were thankful our timeline was flexible. Some weeks I was so bogged down with everything that I couldn’t finish what I was supposed to that week, but Cody would get a huge chunk of his work done. Then there were weeks where I had nothing to do but work on the website, which gave Cody a nice break. I worked a lot on the website design; my proudest moment was when I changed the font from gray to black. A follow up moment was getting the buttons at the bottom of the home page to work, which is something we had both worked on and got very frustrated over. We did do a lot of collaboration on this project, even though we did pages individually. It was interesting to see how our view points changed from when we first chose this case to the very end when we finished our reflection. Overall, this was a very interesting project and experience that I will take with me on my future endeavors. 

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