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Defense of Contract

This is my final blog post on this website. While I did not manage to post every week as intended, I did as much as I could. This post is a defense of the USAO Contract regarding our project site for The Catcher in the Rye – Catching Their Ire. Tools Used WordPress was obviously … Continue reading Defense of Contract

Progress Report

This week we are critiquing each others sites and working on correcting ours. I was assigned to critique To Save a Mockingbird . Unfortunately, this post is going to be briefer than my last due to the pressure of finals here at USAO and the crunch of attempting to correct the website before I return … Continue reading Progress Report

Progress Report #4 : Completion of Tasks

Finally, the website has been, to my knowledge, prepared for critique. My aunt has never gotten back to us, so we are considering that a dead lead for the time. I am so happy to be completing this seemingly monumental task. I know this is not the final step, however it is a big portion … Continue reading Progress Report #4 : Completion of Tasks

Readings #2 : Why Don’t Archivists Digitize Everything

With the opportunity to look back on previously assigned readings, I selected a piece which made sense at the time I was reading it, however makes a different impact after certain research experiences. When discussing why archivists choose to not include certain information in their files, the reason can be explained with something such as … Continue reading Readings #2 : Why Don’t Archivists Digitize Everything

Progress Report #3 : Possible New Connections

Some people are willing to come forward at the first mention or are easy to find within a few searches. For example, it didn’t take much to realize asking to speak with the board members or superintendent may be one way to gain information from Tulsa Schools. People who may not immediately come to mind … Continue reading Progress Report #3 : Possible New Connections

Meeting People #4 : Post-Interview

Thursday, Robert and I met with Dr. Finck at USAO. While we unfortunately did not gain as much information as we had hoped, Dr. Finck was still a wonderful resource and pointed us in other directions to further our search. He had not yet read The Catcher in the Rye, though did understand the stance … Continue reading Meeting People #4 : Post-Interview

Meeting People #3 : Interview Prep

On the morning of March 5, I received emails from both USAO professors who were contacted and both are willing to do interviews. The process to select these instructors included personal experience in classes with them and reading the university’s faculty and staff directory page. Dr. Brenda Brown is the American Literature expert at this … Continue reading Meeting People #3 : Interview Prep

Progress Report #2 : Furthering Research

Thus far, Robert and I have chosen our book, chosen our local case and begun to connect nation-wide instances of challenges and bans. Our book is absolutely The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger and we are looking into the instance of a Tulsa teacher leaving the district in 1960. Robert has emailed a … Continue reading Progress Report #2 : Furthering Research

Meeting People #2 : Survey of Technology

Tuesday, February 13, 2018, Robert and I went to our IT Services to inquire about what technologies are available to us on the USAO campus. Mr. Adeel Siddiqui, the network administrator, met with us and gave us some advice on where to find various tools and equipment, along with people who could be good resources. … Continue reading Meeting People #2 : Survey of Technology

Readings #1 : Writing History on the Web

Having created some minor educational content on the Internet previously for classes and for personal projects, it had not occurred to me that some individuals do not see a need to create academic work when writing online. I have difficulty in the learning curve, however I do attempt to point viewers in the direction that … Continue reading Readings #1 : Writing History on the Web
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