Alex Sanchez, the author of Rainbow Boys, criticizes the book removal, calling it “un-American.” Pt. 3

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle, 29 Aug 2006, Tue, Page 13

The book was not removed from the reading list because of the gay theme, but because of explicit sexual content, she said.

Sanchez, in response to questions posed via e-mail, said it pains him when he hears about individuals attempting to block others from reading a book.

“That’s un-American. And it’s wrong.

“Fortunately, we live in a country where freedom of speech and thought are cherished values. Every attempt to censor a book is an attack on our constitutional freedoms.”

Asked what his message would be for school administrators, Sanchez wrote:

“I hope that they’ll respect the judgment of the professional educators who assembled the summer reading list. If a parent does not want his or her own child to read a particular book, I fail to see how such individuals should have the right to determine what the children of other parents’ should read.”