An editorial from the Democrat and Chronicle voicing a favorable opinion of parents who take an interest in their children’s school work, even if it means trying to get a book banned

Clipped from Democrat and Chronicle, 31 Aug 2006, Thu, Metro, Page 10


Flap over summer reading at least shows engaged parents.

This page hasn’t reviewed Running Loose by Chris Crutcher or Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez and therefore can’t judge whether they are bad selections for high school summer reading lists as some parents in Gates and Webster have claimed.

However, we can appreciate the fact that these parents are at least taking the time to read and analyze books that have been recommended or assigned to their children. children. More parents should be so engaged.

Monitoring school work is important, and entertainment perhaps perhaps even more so. Would the best-selling Grand Theft Auto video game series be so successful if parents knew that it encouraged players to sleep with prostitutes and then beat them to death with crowbars?

Would gangsta rappers’ music find its way onto so many young people’s iPods if parents were aware it explicitly glorified misogyny and gun violence? Let’s hope not. From hundreds of channels of cable television to satellite radio to the World Wide Web, young people have access to more media than ever.

They need parents who are paying paying attention.