Week 13: Reading Reflection

via GIPHY We are at the end of this project/course and I am really excited about all the work we have done. The sites look amazing and this class has made me think critically about how censorship works currently and throughout history. I returned to the text, The Reader Speaks Out: Adolescent Reflections about Controversial Young Adult […]

Week 12: Progress Report

I think this is the last blog post before the final one where we defend our contract. This week I have to say has been quiet, especially since we turned in the first draft of our project sites this past Monday. Next week we will be talking about ways to revise and I am eager […]

Week 7: Progress Report

I can’t believe we are already halfway done with the class! And I have a feeling the rest of the semester is going to go by faster than the first half did. We have emailed questions to Charles Knitter this week and will hopefully get his response soon. As of last night, I have been […]