Progress Update: Formatting Interviews and Categorizing Content

While I had hoped to get a large chunk of work on our site out of the way this past week, due to unforeseen assignment buildup in my other courses and some fairly involved deer-related car issues I was unfortunately not able to make as much progress as I would have liked. This does worry me a bit, considering we are fast approaching the deadline for our completed website, but I plan to spend every spare minute I have this week on our site to compensate for last week’s mishaps. I’m going to be focusing on the case pages in particular, since this section is one of the largest on our project site. At this point, along with posting the beginning stages of the “Laura Mallory” and “Original Complaint” pages, I have also mapped out my content on the shared google drive folder Avery and I use to keep track of our notes. The next couple of days will largely consist of me moving these looser outlines from google drive onto their designated pages and formatting them into complete pages. I want to get this task taken care of first so that I can then look back at this section and determine where to place the additional notes I have on Mallory and the case that do not have an official home at the moment. After this is done, I will work on adding the “National Response” page to the Harry Potter in the US section and collaborating with Avery to get the audio and/or video file of our Lisa Eickholdt interview embedded on the site.

Although I have not made quite as much progress as I would have liked this week, I have completed a few important tasks. My primary accomplishment has been completing the “Series Summary” page in our Harry Potter in the US section. While I still may choose to go back and adjust things later, at the moment I am happy with the way this page looks and how its content reads. I have also continued transcribing our Zoom interview with Dr. Eickholdt, and should have the full transcript done this week as well. My former English teacher, Mr. Dana Kling from Brookwood High School, responded to my questions via email last week and sent along his resume for us to use as credentials, which was extremely helpful. Since his answers were fairly brief, it will be easy for us to include the interview in full on our educators page. I plan on transposing the q & a directly onto that page, so that the format stays consistent with our overall site aesthetic.

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