Interview Preparation

Considering that doing the interviews for this project are not particularly the area I am focused on, assisting in writing up interview questions was somewhat odd and difficult. Being the haphazard sort of speaker that I am, I especially had quite a bit of difficulty wording questions as to not bias the answers, which was sometimes nigh impossible. For instance, I had originally attempted to write a question about why one needs to listen to both sides of a censorship case, even when one side tends toward a perception of “ridiculousness,” or something similar to that, but I was unable to set up that question without it having a rather large slant, so it was deleted. Admittedly, both sides of our case, in Halton have very fair arguments, so that question was more directed toward book censorship in general. Being that it was not directly applicable to our case and impossible to phrase correctly, that question was deleted, but it was certainly a worthwhile lesson in the difficulties of phrasing one’s questions so as not to bias the interviewee or get a biased result. I have little more to say regarding interview preparation specifically, so I suppose I will spend the rest of this post with updates or the like.

At this point, our site it extant, if devoid of content. Interviews with those directly involved with our case seem unfortunately lacking, so at this point expert interview(s) are what we have to fall back on. Our project contract has been written twice over, with the input from Drs. Dierking and Hajo causing the contract to be considerably more functional than it perhaps was before. At the very least, our contract is now much better looking, if nothing else. I have emailed a professor I took a class with last semester whose discipline is Canadian politics, so hopefully that will yield a fruitful interview, though considering his youth and adjunct status, I am only cautiously optimistic. SUNY Geneseo (and I believe the entire SUNY system) has their spring break next week, so I am somewhat hopeful that I will have quite a bit of opportunity to work on my pages for our website over break. I had set several due dates in the contract with that expectation. Admittedly, I already have an overly busy spring break, primarily due to hours that I need to do for one of my education classes, but I should have a decent amount of opportunity to work on the website then. I have the COPLAC class description and my auto-biography pages due on Wednesday, so those should be getting done.

Apologies for that huge block of text. I am exhausted right now, and desperately need my “vacation.” Similarly, I will not be including a picture in this post for the same reason. You understand, right? No? C’est la vie.

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