Defense of Contract

As my last blog post, I will be explaining how Maelyn and I accomplished the goals of our contract and what led us to the finished product of our website.

Our contract listed out specific jobs Maelyn and I had to complete, and throughout this class we found that most of the “structured” jobs we created molded together and became interchanged between the two of us. We both not only successfully accomplished what we laid out in our contract, but exceeded those goals in research, design, and working together effectively to create our final project. Read on to see how we did that!

One of the first obstacles we ran into was tracking down and interviewing faculty and staff of the school where our book was censored. Although Maelyn was assigned this task, we found that this had to be reworked later as we could not find anyone to interview. However, we successfully accomplished this by interviewing other important people who, I believe, contributed to our project more so than anyone who worked at the school. We found this issue happened a bit where tasks and dates were not strictly followed and had to be edited, but we made it work.

With items like interviews and specific website design, such as the homepage, we ended up completing sections at totally different times than expected. For example, the homepage was scheduled to be finished first, all nice and polished, but in reality, it was the last page finished. Our interviews were actually completed the week after they were scheduled to do unforeseen circumstances and scheduling, which pushed back transcript completion as well. Maelyn and I found ourselves splitting up work once thought collective, and collaborating on work first assigned as individual. This helped in some aspects because the project as a whole was worked on in big chunks, giving the both of us time off because we zoomed ahead of schedule.

We found that the work we split up was done all at once, which allowed for a nice break in between certain weeks. For instance, completing the StoryMap in two days was a great way to get that work off my plate quickly and it allowed me to move on to new assignments. Some design aspects that were particularly difficult included the buttons at the bottom of the homepage. After trying for hours to get those set up and working, Maelyn took over the project so I wouldn’t throw my laptop out the window in anger. They look great now!

Overall, Maelyn and I thoroughly enjoyed this class and look forward to utilizing the skills we gained this semester later in our college careers. Learning about Anne Frank, her diary, and public school politics in this particular light made for a unique experience. We are proud of our project!

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