A Burning Idea: Progress Report 3

Perhaps doing a progress report blog post directly after a blog post nominally on interview preparation that was primarily a progress report was not the wisest of idea, but we are here regardless. My previous week in terms of this class was rather irritating, if one is to be honest. I finally got around to attempting to update the site, and promptly had it decide that WordPress does not like me. This previous Tuesday, March 12th, I began to engage with WordPress, as the Project Contract that Lauren and I had drafter stipulates that the first two items of my creation due on the site were due the next day, Wednesday the 13th. (Can we take a moment to note how cumbersome a day name Wednesday is? No? Okay.) I quickly wrote up the first of my two pages due to be completed in WordPress, and watched as WordPress lost said page into the void. I then re-typed up said page, my short autobiography as one of the website’s creators, in Microsoft Word, and then copy and pasted said short autobiography into the site and attempted to publish the updated page. The page would not actually publish properly or even realize that there was text entered into it despite my being able to see said text, and so I spend the next two to three hours (around two hours and forty minutes, as I recall) attempting to get that one bloody page to publish. That was not a particularly enjoyable use of time, and I had other work to do, so I ultimately gave up on attempting to meet that specific deadline.

Now, here I am at home on break, fully aware that I had to get this done, and having avoided going back to working on the site, dreading the same sort of technical issues that had plagued me previous. And, of course, I pulled up my Word document off of One Drive, pasted in my text and the picture of my adorable pet rabbit, Oliver, and had no problems whatsoever. I was simultaneously very much grateful and thoroughly unamused. I have no idea what changed between the two times, though being on my home WiFi instead of Geneseo’s was the singular and most likely wrong idea that I had, but so be it. I now have exactly one half of the pages that were supposed to be due on Wednesday posted to my obvious joy. I even was able to embed my StoryMap JS into that page. Joyous. I will, of course, be working on getting many more pages up soon, and am definitely somewhat frustrated at being slightly behind, even if it was not my fault as far as I am aware, though I should easily be able to catch up this week. Although, my brain telling me to do work right now, and my exhausted body telling me otherwise, are somewhat of an irritance. Regardless, here is a progress report post consisting almost entirely of me complaining about something that I am clueless about, otherwise known as every time one has ever listened to someone talk about technology. Goodnight! (Or whatever is applicable to the precisely one person who actually reads this and is likely not writing at 10:00 pm despite my being sued to staying up later.)

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