UMW Project Contract

Maelyn Beitzel and Cody Youngblood

Draft: 3/7/2019


Mission Statement

  1. Overall Goal:
    1. To explore the censoring of The Diary of Anne Frank (unabridged) in Culpeper County Public Schools in 2010 by establishing a historical context surrounding the censoring and discussing how this case ties in with similar censorships of the Diary across the United States.


  1. Basic structure of site/its features
    1. Simple and easy to read –  a menu bar with tabs for the subjects covered, and links so each piece of information can be easily found.
    2. Menu tabs:
  • Historical context
    • Anne Frank’s story
    • places it has been censored/banned
    • history of general censorship.
    • Historical background to explain Anne Frank’s story and its importance. Historical context for why is was banned in Culpeper County.
  • The Case
    • Overview
    • key players
    • passages in question
    • Conclusion to case
  • Culpeper County
    • Demographics
    • explaining the website and this project
  • About the authors


Tools you plan to use

  1. Theme and plugins
    1. Theme: “Landscape”
    2. Plugin: Ultimate slider (Using images of Anne Frank and her diary)


  1. Other tools
    1. StoryMapJS: to tell the history of Anne Frank’s life (seven slides)
    2. Demographic map of Culpeper County
    3. YouTube videos – history of the Diary itself, during and after Anne Frank’s life
    4. Interactive tour of the Secret Annex from Anne Frank House website (link)
    5. Infographic created to show the key players in the censorship case


Milestones (when critical pieces are ready to present)

  1. March 3: The historical context tab and StoryMapJS of Frank’s life completed
  2. March 5: Interviewees will be established
  3. March 10: The final write-up of the historical context tab will be complete
  4. March 11: Homepage will be complete
  5. March 13: Infographic for the case tab will be complete and demographics will be obtained for the County
  6. March 14: COPLAC tab complete
  7. March 17: The Culpeper County tab will be complete
  8. March 22: All images will be obtained
  9. March 23: Copyright permissions reviewed for accuracy
  10. March 23: Interviews will be complete
  11. April 9: The initial site will be complete
  12. April 16: Edits will be reviewed
  13. April 29: The final site will be complete


Division of labor


  • Cody


  1. Design homepage
  2. Emailing and contacting the parties involved in the case, interviewees, etc.
  3. Complete StoryMap JS for Frank’s life
  4. Website design of Historical Context, The Case, and Culpeper County tabs
  5. Provide photos for website
  6. Implement website plugin
  7. Conduct the physical interviews
  8. Research history of the Holocaust and Anne Frank’s life


  • Maelyn


    1. Collect data for and complete demographic infographs
    2. Website design of COPLAC and About the Authors tabs, and Historical Context sublink of why the Diary was banned in the County
    3. Complete copyright research for photos
    4. Create page for the case’s key players
    5. Prepare interview questions and record interview; transcribe interview
    6. Research the passages in question in the Diary
    7. Research the varying versions of the Diary and what changed with new editions