The fact that the website is due this Friday is one of those things that I’ve known for the whole semester, but, despite Cathy’s and Dr. Dierking’s continual reminders of its approach, it really snuck up on me. In general, finals make me feel something like this:


From the Wake Forrest Website post “Finals Humpday”


But, looking at all the work Cara and I’ve done on the website, and all the revisions we’ve started doing and are finishing this week, I have to say that I am rather proud of what we have accomplished.  Though there are still many revisions to be done, I think that Cara and I will be more than able to finish them by this Friday. Today we met with our professors to hash out the last few questions that we had on the suggestions they gave us, and we’ve divided those suggestions between the two of us to work on throughout the week.  On Wednesday we’re going to meet up and work on outlining and scripting the presentation for Monday, so overall I feel very well prepared for the end of this class.

That doesn’t meant I’m not scared out of my wits over this presentation.

But, I do definitely feel that Cara and I will be well prepared for it when it comes.  Actually, part of me is fairly excited to showcase all the work we’ve done this semester, the real challenge is going to be fitting it into under ten minutes.

One of the things we hope to focus on in our presentation is the overall process by which we went about creating our website. Though we haven’t completely hashed it out yet, I’m hoping to incorporate a synopsis of the research process that also gives a description of the case as well as a very brief discussion of how we decided upon the website layout. This will probably have to get summed up into a quick minute snapshot, but I would like to mention it, at least briefly, because it was something that I really though about and that Cara and I have worked on throughout the website design process in order to make a website that was easily accessible and that could be approachable from many different points of views and ways of thinking.

All and all I think that we will have plenty to talk about for the presentations in terms of site content and how we got the information we have, it’s just a matter of going through and finding the most important parts to highlight.