The Religious Right

When Laura Mallory wrote in the Atlanta Journal & Constitution in January of 2007 that her attempts to challenge the Harry Potter series had “never been a one-woman fight,” she was not wrong. Her ongoing fight against Harry Potter was one small part of a larger trend in American politics extending back around thirty years to the mid-1970s: the “Religious Right.”

What was the Religious Right? What did its supporters believe? And how did those beliefs prepare average Americans like Mallory to openly accept the existence of magic in a post-modern era dominated by scientific truth?

“Identity” explains who the Religious Right were by the early 21st Century. Using Laura Mallory’s case as an example, we look at how different groups in the Religious Right interacted in the early digital age.

“Values” explores ideas and beliefs which held the Religious Right together. Where possible, we consider how Laura Mallory demonstrated these values, and we contextualize them using Gallup Poll data.