Dr. Rebecca Erbelding

Dr. Rebecca Erbelding. Photo courtesy of Dr. Erbelding.

Dr. Erbelding, an archivist and historian at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, sat down for an interview to discuss The Diary of Anne Frank, its author, and the diary’s influence and impact in world history. Her decades-long career provided unparalleled insight into the significance of this teenage girl’s diary and why the full censorship of this book could be detrimental to the remembrance and continuation of the Holocaust to new generations.

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Kira Cadang-Kristan

Mrs. Kira Cadang-Kristan. Tuscarora High School.

Mrs. Kristan is a 22-year veteran of public education and teaches English at Riverside High School in Leesburg, Virginia. Her experience in the classroom, particularly in secondary education, made her an important interviewee as she has chosen her own (at times censored) books for use in the classroom. From Lord of the Flies to Huckleberry Finn, Mrs. Kristan has confronted censorship before, and the books she assigns to her students reflect her willingness to confront historical and modern issues with her students.

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