From March to May 1992, The Floatplane Notebooks were a controversial subject in Carroll County, VA. Below is a timeline of major events in the case, based off of a published article on the case that was written by Marion Goldwasser, the teacher who chose to teach the novel in her classroom.1

(A Quick Note: In addition to the information source of the timeline, the sources of the images on each slide are accredited below the image and hyperlinked to the individual photos, so one click will open a new tab to the webpage source of the image.)

After looking at the timeline, visit any subtab under the case section to get more specific information about the actions and attitudes of the major parties involved during the challenge. While the pages are devoted to exploring the individual voices of each stakeholder, it is important to acknowledge that – because Goldwasser’s analysis provides a collective, well-documented version of the events – the subpages are all somewhat reliant upon her voice and interpretation, which is one reason why the timeline is recounted from her memory of events.

In addition to the subpages, The Case section also contains selected primary sources, such as school board documents and news articles, that are listed under the as subpages to the three different main tabs of the section.

Finally, the Conclusions page offers a brief analysis of the case and explores why the case progressed as it did and how it relates to broader themes of literary censorship.  


  1. Goldwasser, M. M. Censorship: It Happened to Me in Southwest Virginia–It Could Happen to You. 1997. The English Journal, 86(2), 34. doi:10.2307/819671