GW1819, South Africa, Johannesburg: Free the Press censorship Poster- anti apartheid, struggle, media, press.. Graeme Williams/South I apologize for the tardiness of this post, today was more turbulent than expected, and I have just been able to sit down to write this. These last two weeks Max and I have conducted a multitude of interviews, all of them, professors, either at here at the University of Science and Arts of Oklahoma or Oklahoma City Community College.  We took a multidisciplinary approach on who we interviewed and interviewed two professors from the history department, and three from the English department one of three we have just scheduled to interview at this time of writing.  We interviewed Dr. Finck, the American History professor to gain insight into the political climate of Cold War America and how it would relate to the banning of Catcher in the Rye. While Dr. Finck had not known anything of the Tulsa banning of Catcher, he and his son had planned on reading Catcher rather soon. We also interviewed Dr. Hester, who specializes in Oklahoma History and he stated that he was mostly for free speech, however, in today’s time he now says that with a grain of salt. In addition, to the history professors, we also interviewed two English professors, Dr. Rees and Dr. Brown. Similarly to the history professors both Dr. Rees and Dr. Brown stated that they too support free speech, however, Dr. Rees did give us a very interesting tidbit, that often Catcher is banned for surface reasons, such as profanity, however, Catcher is not banned for any of the motifs or the themes in the book. Finally, the last professor we are planning to interview is Dr. Anderson, she is a literary professor, and we are planning to interview Dr. Anderson later this upcoming week.

Just a quick update since I was not in class today, I fell a little behind on my pages and hopefully I will be back on track later this week. I had been working on my epic for my Native Myth and Writing class, and I got a little too caught up in it.

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