Progress Report: 003

I do apologize for the tardiness of this post and of how short it will be, for future note, I do plan for the Defense of Contract post to be quite lengthy. A progress report for these last couple of weeks. Max and I have completed our series of interviews, electing not to go forward with our last interview. The project site is pretty much completed, the last of it is sitting and waiting to be uploaded to WordPress. Although, we have decided on a new aspect of the site that will be needed to be worked on after the rough draft has been presented. Max and I have elected type out each article we have collected, that way when we the newspaper clippings are posted onto the site, the content of the clippings will be searchable. I believe the plan is to have the site ready for review by Friday evening.

The foreseeable problems that I see upcoming is mainly time, this is due to next week is the final week of classes at USAO, and thus as the semester is coming to a close, many of the course projects or research projects I have been conducting are also due. Hence, there will be a lot of late nights for this week and the next. However, I have created a tentative schedule down to the minute, that should keep me on track and have all projects completed.

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