We have broken through!!

This week Cara has set up multiple interviews. Through Stacia Harris, Cara got connected directly to Dr. Samantha Sircy, the principal of NBHS, so she has set up a phone interview with her for Tuesday.  She also interviewed a Librarian at a local library, and has set up an interview with Dr.  Deborah James, UNCA’s resident Toni Morrison expert. Both of us will be attending the Dr. James interview. So this week the two of us will have a lot of transcribing to do, but hopefully this means that we’ll start to get more information.

While Cara’s been networking and contacting people, I’ve been mapping out our website on Coggle and gathering information for the history timeline.

Click here to see the website laid out in Coggle

I’m using this program to visualize all of the different navigation options and make sure there are different ways of accessing the information on the website.  This week I’m going to finish adding pages to the website and cross linking everything I can before we have text. Once we have text, it is our plan to have names and other things mentioned linked to Bio pages or pages about whatever was mentioned.

I plan on contacting the reporter who wrote the article for WLOS, to see if I can be put in contact with the complaining parent. I have also been waiting to hear back from Eric Grant. I emailed him questions last week and he has not gotten back to me with answers. I emailed him again at the end of this week and he told me he’d had a busy week and would work on them on Friday, and I’m still waiting to hear back from him.

We’re really excited to finally be getting somewhere. Hopefully Dr. Sircy will put us in contact with the teacher and complaining parent. Hopefully we can start to get all the information we need and begin writing the case  specific pages for our website.