The Final Countdown

Look where are we now! It is crazy to think that just two months ago all my pages were blank. I am very pleased with what Jacob and I have accomplished in such a short time. Our website is undergoing its final revisions, and we will be recording our practice presentation this Thursday.

A last minute 180

After taking a good look at my website, I realized there were certain aspects I was not satisfied with. The appearance in general just looked a little disorganized. With the recent revisions, I not only believe this site is more visually appealing, but also contains much better content.

The homepage gained a short summary of the case. This should help clarify things for the reader, as they will already know the basic premise when they browse the rest of the site. Additionally, the Coggle diagram was replaced with some hyperlinked book covers. The book covers are positioned in the recommended viewing order. This looks much better considering I could not make the Coggle the appropriate size for the page. Also, the header image was changed to a picture of the northern lights (alternative book title) and the yellow font was changed to purple to make it easier to read. The title of the website is officially “A Compass for Censorship.”


The biggest changes were made in the “Who?” section. The content on “The School Board” page was reformatted into a google slides presentation, which was embedded into the page. Quotes were also added. Instead of just listing the articles on “The Media” page, I summarized the ones I believed were the most important. I made sure to include a wide variety of opinions, as to show all sides of the argument. This page is now one of my favorites.

I created a branch off the summary page called “Anti-Catholic Themes.” This page specifically addresses the content of the book that religious individuals were not pleased with. I felt this was necessary since the anti-Catholic sentiment is not obvious to all readers.

The page titled “Lauren’s Analysis” has also been enhanced. In the old version, it seemed like I was jumping to the conclusion DO NOT CENSOR. This was a bit brash on my part. Throughout this course, I have learned that censorship is most certainly not black and white. I believe I did a better job of discussing both sides of the argument, while also showcasing the reasoning behind my conclusion.

Wrapping up

There is still work to be done! I will be editing the “Taboo of Atheism” page today, and trying to clarify the definition I provided. Additionally, I plan on writing a short paragraph exploring the history of atheism, and how it is a somewhat unconventional practice throughout time. In editing this page, I aim to eliminate some of my personal viewpoints in the text.

Lastly, I am not sure how but I would like to improve the quality of my TimelineJS on the “When?” page. I have struggled to find events to incorporate that are not already discussed in detail on other pages. I am going to do some digging right now.

The Anticipation

I am very excited to hear everyone’s thoughts about my website! Hopefully, those who attend our presentation and view our site can learn something new. I am also eager to see my classmate’s finished projects. I cannot wait for next class.


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