We wanted to save a space on our website to thank everyone that contributed to the websites development.


Professor Adriana Brodsky

Professor Brodsky advertised the course at a meeting for history students and I was instantly drawn to it. No students had previously taken the course but the school remained persistent in advertising it. I appreciate the opportunity Professor Brodsky gave us.

Professor Cathy Hajo

Professor Hajo helped guide our work with excellent comments and suggestions.

Professor Rebecca Dierking

Professor Dierking also helped guide our work with excellent comments and suggestions.

Professor Robin Bates

Professor Bates took time out of his busy schedule to meet with us about an issue he had not been involved with since 1998. We appreciate the time and interview he gave us.

David Flood

David Flood provided us with an interview and a plethora of primary source documents that helped make our website special.

Amy Ford

Amy Ford was the first person to give us an interview. Although she was not directly familiar with the censorship of Song of Solomon she was willing to speak with us on short notice about the subject in general.

Joie Brunger

Joie provided us with a viewpoint that was difficult to find. She was willing to work with us and help us provide a more rounded representation of our case.

The Enterprise & Donnie Morgan Executive Director

Without access to The Enterprise this website would be missing important details. I appreciate how quickly you got back to us on this!

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