Patti Micklewright

Patti is writing as a concerned citizen.

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“To the Editor:

I am writing in response to your article in The Enterprise’s Dec. 12 issue concerning “Song of Solomon” being dropped from the AP reading list at Leonardtown High School. You suggested that the decision was based on one parent’s objection. The article neglected to tell that other parents, including myself, were denied voicing their same grievance to the board formed to hear Bernadette Williamson’s reasons to have the book dropped.

I am in total agreement that “Song of Solomon” is not appropriate subject matter for high school students for the same reasons stated in Mrs. Williamson’s letter to The Enterprise on Dec. 12. There are so many other books to choose from that could be used to challenge advanced placement students. Use common sense and don’t succumb to Oprah’s reading list. After all, her audience is geared to the adult, not high school students.”



Holland, Everlyn & Micklewright, Patti. “Bigotry, Book Censorship & Other Books” The Enterprise, December 26, 1997.

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