Edison Preparatory High School Tulsa, OK 1960

Edison Preparatory High School, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, was established in 1954 as a specifically college preparation high school with accelerated courses and advanced work.

In 1960, instructor Beatrice Levin assigned The Catcher in the Rye to her eleventh grade English class to read. Eight parents brought up issue with the reading to the principal, citing profanity as a reason for the book to be removed from the required reading. Levin was temporarily removed from her job while the principal and superintendent decided on actions. The book was removed from the class. According to historical accounts, Levin was then fired from her position at Edison Preparatory High School. According to newspapers, however, Levin was reinstated and chose to leave the position. Her reason for leaving is cited as being frustrated with the lack of support within the administration regarding her judgment of appropriate content for her students.

Beatrice Levin, maiden name Schwartz, was born in 1920. According to her obituary, Levin attended college in Rhode Island before becoming a WAC in WWII. She was the author of several books and short stories, along with having written some newspaper articles. She taught high school, college and adult education courses. Levin passed away in 2014, her husband following her later the same year. They were survived by their three sons, Michael, Philip and Alan and their grandchildren.