Additional Reading

Stone, Jay. “A Compass Pointing the Way to Nowhere.” Edmonton Journal , 7 Dec. 2007,


Here is a list of full length reading materials about censorship of The Golden Compass. For your convenience, they are organized into three categories. 






Articles that specifically mention censorship of The Golden Compass at Halton Catholic School District:

News Source Date Published
Fox November 22, 2007
Life Site November 22, 2007
The Star November 22, 2007
CBC December 20, 2007
CTV December 20, 2007
Inside Halton December 21, 2007

The complaints about The Golden Compass at Halton initiated a substantial domino effect. According to the American Library Association’s “Top 100 Banned/Challenged Books: 2000-2009,” The Golden Compass holds the eighth spot, only slightly behind Harry Potter in first place, which has also been challenged for religious reasons. There are far more cases than listed here due to the fact that most censorship goes unreported.

Articles that discuss other cases of censorship of The Golden Compass:

News Source Date Published
CBC November 23, 2007
CBC December 5, 2007
Everything Lubbock December 7, 2007
Mississauga February 8, 2008

Articles that discuss the anti-Catholic themes and/or censorship of The Golden Compass in general:

News Source Date Published
CBS November 28, 2007
Catholic League December 31, 2007
Daily Mail December 19, 2007
American Magazine November 27, 2007