Watchtower at Fort Sam Houston (Library of Congress – HABS TEX,15-SANT,39B)

Timeline JS is a tool created by KnightLabs at Northwestern University. It utilizes Google spreadsheets to create interactive timelines that feature videos, audio and still images.

We are going to create a timeline that includes each group project, presenting a combined history of censorship for the class site’s homepage.

If you want to also include a timeline in your own site that deals with your case, you can also use this platform.


  1. Each team will select at least 10 events that tell the story of your challenge case. Note that all the events do not have to involve the specific challenge — you can indicate when the book was published, when challenged, when hearings and decisions were made; or include information about other challenges, court decisions, or other relevant events.
  2.  Each team member is responsible for researching, and writing up 5 events, to be entered in the group Timeline JS spreadsheet.
    • Be as specific as you can with the date of the event, or date span.
    • Try to find an image, either from your town’s history (perhaps a photo of a school or courthouse) or a generic illustration, or a video or other file to bring life to the event.
    • Write a brief but accurate description of what happened and why it was important.
  3. Edit the shared Timeline JS spreadsheet using Google Docs, and enter your research, following the instructions.  The timeline will be used on the  course site.