Each student must create a contract detailing their project’s mission, milestones, tools, and labor division.

Mission statement (describe project)

  • Describe the overall goal of your project and the intended audience

  •  Describe the basic structure of your site and intended features.

  • Discuss how you will incorporate common elements for all of our sites, such as a Historical Background,  Shared Timeline, and Map of events in local communities to tie into world/national timeline in the overarching site.

Tools you plan to use

  • Everyone will be using WordPress, so that’s a given.  But what theme, plugins, layout will you use?

  • Will you be using a timeline tool on your site in addition to the shared timeline?  If so, will you be using TimelineJS?

  • Will you use a map? Google Maps? Something else?

  • Other tools you’ll use for your site?  What will you use to edit images?  If you’re using audio/video segments, what tools will you use?

Milestones (when critical pieces are ready to present)

  • Start with the due dates for the initial site (April 9) and the revised version (Apr. 30).

  • Include when you will post the various pages and sets of pages, complete research at various archives, obtain images, gaining copyright permissions, etc.

  • Set reasonable, realistic goals.  Take into account that some things may take longer than others.

    • Particularly big pieces should have intermediate deadlines (e.g., we will have completed half the timeline entries by March 12, the rest by March 19)

Division of labor

  • Be specific about who is doing what.
  • Note that both students have to work on both technology and research.

Examples from other courses:

Mary Ball Washington, Adventures in Digital History

Midwestern State: Galbraith and Hadwal, Century America

McDonald Territory, Divided Houses