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I am a student at NAME OF UNIVERSITY, studying book challenges for a Digital Humanities course, A Burning Idea: Challenging and Censoring Books, through the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges.  I plan to research the challenges to NAME OF TEXT and found that the book had been under discussion in your school board meetings in MONTH AND YEAR.


I am requesting copies of the board meeting minutes during that school year which discuss NAME OF TEXT and any other documents that pertain to that discussion, including the patron complaint which spurred the text’s examination, the report of the examining committee which reviewed the text and their recommendation to the board, as well as the board’s ruling on the text’s use.


If you would like to discuss this request, I am available at EMAIL ADDRESS    and would be thrilled to discuss with you the process of book adoptions in your district as well as the patron complaint system the district currently has in place.




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