Sean Welch

Liz Verrastro


Mission Statement

The purpose of this website is to investigate the challenges to the Young Adult book Rainbow Boys by Alex Sanchez, focusing on the local case in Webster, NY. We aim to educate the Western New York region about what goes into censorship in schools. With many censorship cases the reporting often focuses on the individual challenging the book, and while that is important, it too frequently neglects to listen to the people most affected: the students and faculty at the school. We strive to demonstrate all sides of the case, but highlight the reaction from students, teachers, and librarians and how it impacts their view of the education system and reading, in general.


Website Publishing:

WordPress (Obviously):

  • This is the primary tool we will be utilizing for our website. We have not yet settled on a theme because we prefer the content to drive the design.

Digital Tools:

Timeline JS:

  • We are going to chronologically portray the case using Timeline JS

StoryMap Js:

  • We want to incorporate an interactive map about different cases throughout the US


  • We’ll use audacity to edit our interview with the Webster school librarian


  • As complex writers, we want to make sure our website is accessible as possible to everyone using readability


  • Youtube will be used to store videos and easily post them if need be

Online databases:

  • We will utilize the online databases made available to us through SUNY Geneseo

Organizational Tools:


  • We will plan out our website using Coggle

Google Docs:

  • We share ideas and collaborate when not together using Google Docs




Division of Labor

Contacting Sources:

  • Carly Maldonado- S
  • Cynthia Cushman- L
  • Unnamed book challenger- L and S
  • Trish Warren- S
  • Alex Sanchez- L
  • Devin Flarehty- S
  • Carole Daley Barnabas- L


  • Mapping on Coggle- L and S


Timeline JS- S

  • S will summarize the events of the Webster case using this tool


StoryMap JS- L

  • L will map out the different challenges to Rainbow Boys throughout the country

Content Creation:

  • S and L will write content for the website based on the information gathered from their individual sources
  • S will gather and present information pertaining to the student and librarian perspective
  • L will gather and present information pertaining to the author and administration perspective
  • S will create a cast of characters detailing all the different people involved in the Webster case.
  • L will portray historical context in relation to the publication and censoring of books with gay themes
  • S will present historical context of Webster
  • L will explore challenges from the left
  • S and L will both create biographical page


  • S and L will both oversee the editing and finalization of the website


  • S and L will collaborate on providing the indepth citations


  • S and L will choose the design of the website together
  • We will decide how to organize the content using various formats and menus to create easy navigation


  • L will edit and be in charge of publishing primary source documents related to the case


  • S will edit and be in charge of publishing video content




March 7-

  • All sources will be contacted with interview questions and layout and theme for the website will be chosen
  • Interview Devin during this week

March 9

  • Interview Trish Warren when S gets back to Webster for break
  • Interview Alex Sanchez over Spring Break


March 21

  • Interview content will be posted and analyzed according to division of labor
  • Drafts of content will be written

March 28

  • StoryMap and Timeline will be finished and published
  • Cast of characters will be created
  • Historical context will be finalized and published
  • S and L background and photo will be finalized and published

April 4

  • Content for different perspectives (student, teacher, librarian, etc.) will be organized and published
  • Citations will be published and final edits will be made
  • Pictures and video content will be incorporated

April 6

  • Run through the website to make sure the website is accurate, accessible, and aesthetically pleasing in terms of content and visuals


April 9- Initial draft of website due


April 18- Utilizing the feedback to update website


April 27- Final revision of website due