Interview Transcripts

Buncombe County Schools Employees

Eric Grant, Head of 6-12 English Language Arts Curriculum for Buncombe County Schools  Transcript

Stacia Harris, Head of Communications and Marketing for Buncombe County Schools, and

Dr. Samantha Sircy, Principal of North Buncombe High School  Transcript

Other People Interviewed

These individuals were not involved in the North Buncombe High School challenge against The Bluest Eye in fall 2017. We interviewed them to gather insight based on their professional expertise in library science, studies on Toni Morrison, or, in Lisa Baldwin’s case, past involvement with the Buncombe County School Board and prior book challenges.

Dr. Deborah James, Toni Morrison Scholar and Professor of Literature at UNCA  Transcript

Lisa Baldwin, Buncombe County parent, former member of the Buncombe County School Board, and host and writer of the blog Buncombe Students First   Transcript

Gene Hyde, Head Archivist at UNCA’s Ramsey Library  Transcript

Amanda Glenn-Bradley, Research Librarian at UNCA’s Ramsey Library  Transcript

Ken Miller, Librarian at Pack Memorial Library  Transcript

We had originally hoped to interview the teacher who assigned The Bluest Eye as well as the complaining parent, Tim Cooley, however we were unable to get contact information for the teacher, and efforts to contact Tim Cooley were unsuccessful.

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