What was going on then?

Censorship and Book Challenges in Buncombe County

The most recent book challenge in Buncombe County was the challenge of The Kite Runner in 2015. We believe that this challenge was very influential in the final decision the school MTAC made. The Kite Runner challenge resulted in a lot of negative publicity for the school system in regards to the way they handled book challenges. It resulted in a change in policy regarding the retention of the book in the classroom until a final decision was made regarding if it would be retained in future years.   Click here to read about it and other book challenges in Buncombe County.

Sexual Violence in the News

Not long after this book challenge, the #MeToo movement took off on Twitter and in Hollywood. This movement works to bring awareness to and stop sexual assault. Though this occurred after this book challenge, it shows a rising discomfort and discontent with the prevalence of sexual assault in our society.



Other recent book challenges in Buncombe County

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